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Dan Knodl, a Republican primary candidate for the 24th Assembly District, is hoping his experience in the public and private sector will convince voters he is the right choice to lead the district.

Knodl is currently in his second term as a Washington County supervisor and is the owner of Reef Point Resort on Pike Lake in Hartford. Additionally, Knodl is the vice president and past president of the Washington County Tavern League and is active with a number of other community and business organizations.

“Of the four Republican candidates, I'm far and away the most experienced,” Knodl said.

Other Republicans vying for the seat being vacated by Republican Rep. Suzanne Jeskewitz include Randy Melchert, Jason LaSage and Michael Moscicke, all of Menomonee Falls. Democrats running include Charlene Brady and Torrey Lauer, both of Germantown. The district encompasses Butler and Germantown, the majority of Menomonee Falls and portions of Richfield.

At 49, Knodl is the oldest of the Republican candidates, with the others all in their 20s. And while he says their youth provides them energy, his life experience makes him the one most able to hit the ground running in Madison.

“I think my experience that I do have will allow me to get to Madison and be effective much sooner than the other candidates who may need a longer learning curve,” Knodl said. “I have established relationships already with a number of nearby legislators over the years.”

As a member of the county board, Knodl said he's authored budget cuts and voted in ways to rein in spending at the county level. He is looking to do that at the state level, as well.

“I'm hoping to bring some business sense to Madison,” Knodl said. “I've been a business owner for 23 years, and we need people in elected offices who know how to not only make budgets, but stick to them and make the hard decisions to say no on spending.”

His experience in business has also helped shape his opposition to a statewide smoking ban.

“Smoking is a legal product, and the business owner has the choice to whether to cater to people who use that legal product,” Knodl said. “Government needs to be less intrusive on business.”

The economy is a top issue for Knodl, who said he believes solutions to other problems will fall into place as it improves. Knodl said that by providing incentives to grow business and increase employment, the state will generate more revenue, more people will have health insurance, and individuals will have more money to spend on education and family needs.

“That really is where it all starts, a good economy,” Knodl said.

With the Sept. 9 primary just less than two months out, Knodl said he's been active knocking on doors, making phone calls, distributing literature and developing his campaign organization, which has a campaign manager, a treasurer and a staff of volunteers.

So far, no debates have been scheduled for the primary, but Knodl said he'd consider participating if one were organized.

If elected, Knodl said he expects to resign from his county board seat.

To learn more about Knodl's campaign visit:

Milwaukee Notes plans on seeking interviews with other 24th District candidates as the election approaches.

Randy Melchert was the focus of last week's profile:

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