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Republican primary candidate Michael Moscicke says he's in the best position to lead the 24th Assembly District because he's the only candidate with experience in government at the state level.

Over the last three years, the 26-year-old Menomonee Falls native served as a tour guide in the state Capitol and as an office manager with the state Department of Health Services.

“They all talk about how they have experience similar to how the state government is run,” Moscicke said of the other candidates. “I'm the only candidate who actually has experience ... in dealing with the actual state government and the institutions that it runs.”

That work in Madison has given him connections he says will help him in the Legislature.

“I have personal connections already with people across the board, with Democrats, Republicans and people in the governor's office,” Moscicke said. “So I can go up to these people right away on the first day as a familiar face and start talking to them about what we need to do as a state.”

Moscicke attended the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha, where he earned an associate degree, and then studied political science at UW Madison before dropping out to work for the state. While at UW-Waukesha, he served as president of the student government for the college and then as president for the student government association representing all 13 UW two-year colleges.

He noted that opponents Dan Knodl and Jason LaSage both have experience with education issues on the local level, but his experience in college has given him experience with it at the statewide level.

In addition to Knodl and LaSage, Moscicke is also competing with Randy Melchert for the Republican nomination to replace Republican Rep. Suzanne Jeskewitz, who’s retiring. The district encompasses Butler, Germantown, the majority of Menomonee Falls and portions of Richfield. Democrats running include Charlene Brady and Torrey Lauer, both of Germantown.

Moscicke said he's been out in the district knocking on doors and participated in a recent candidate forum for which he said he's been getting a lot of positive feedback. He described his campaign as a grassroots effort that is relying on an all-volunteer staff of friends and family members.

Moscicke said health care and taxes are the biggest issues he is hearing about in the district.

“On health care, they want to make sure something is done to work with private industry to provide more accessible health care to the public without creating a state-run program,” Moscicke said.

To fix problems with the system, Moscicke said legislators need to work with the health care industry to determine what's driving increasing costs. He proposes offering tax credits to insurance companies that start up non-profit branches and wants to make sure Medicare fully reimburses hospitals so costs aren't passed to others.

Moscicke said that while controlling property taxes is important, it's mostly a local issue that's “only one very small piece of the puzzle.”

Instead of focusing so heavily on property taxes through proposals such as the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, Moscicke said the Legislature needs to reform areas like sales, corporate and income taxes. He also said the state needs to reconsider its continual fee increases, which he said hurts low-income people the most.

“We need real tax reform,” Moscicke said. “You can't say to local communities 'you need to freeze your property taxes' and the state doesn't do its share.”

While Moscicke said local communities should be given the freedom to set their own levy limits, he said property tax increases were historically kept in check by adequate shared revenue, which he said needs to be restored.

Although he is anti-abortion and supports the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, Moscicke said he doesn't bring up those issues in his campaign and is concerned about division in state government.

“I'm concerned that the political parties in Madison keep polarizing more and more,” Moscicke said, adding that he has good relationships with Dems and Republicans. “I think we really need to get down to the business of governing instead of basically just trying to say how we stand apart from the other parties.”

Milwaukee Notes has profiled all of the 24th AD Republican candidates. Interviews have been requested with the Democratic candidates.

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